We wanted to think of a way to give HOPE to those who are facing difficult challenges during this time of uncertainty and constant change. To give a little HOPE to those who have experienced the loss of a job or opportunities or those who are isolated and need to feel connected. 

JeniBee Market has partnered with Dr. Sam Delahunty of Canyon Rim Dental, who had the wonderful idea of a HOPE Gift which will include a voucher in each gift that would provide $50 off the initial visit and a 15% discount on any dental procedure. Depending on how the patron uses the voucher, it could be a value of $250 altogether.

“And sometimes against all odds, against all logic, we still HOPE” 

Hope Gift #2


Retro Puzzle from JeniBee, valued at $20

Summer Candle Tin from BlueLily Candles, valued at $15

Cactus Necklace from Lucky Love Co, valued at $10

Wood Puzzle Toy from Here, Gift, Gather valued at $8

Salt Lake Kitty Bag valued at $5

Total Value: $58.00

Here are our amazing makers who gave items included in one or more of these HOPE gifts.

JeniBee Market

Jeni Gochnour - Jenibee jenibeemarket@gmail.com

Dr. Sam and Shauna Delahunty - Canyon Rim Dental 


Sara Christensen - BlueLily candles


Jed Platt - Heregiftgather


Ginny Winters and Katie Hughes Lucky Love Co


Jillian Reeder The Wildsmith Shop


Wendy Benson - Pink Poppi


Nate Ipsen - DaziUSA 


Chelsea Schreyer - Chelsea Schreyer Art


Pixel Canvas Prints


Katherine Lowe


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