Valentine Soy Candles from BlueLily


Handmade and Hand-poured

Description: a ROMANTIC blend of black currant, blackberries, cranberries, spruce, apple cider, plum, grapefruit, mandarin, cinnamon, clove and vanilla beans. This scent is perfect year-round!

100% soy wax

The scent is soy-based.

Three different wood containers are available:

3-Hole Sugar Mold, Heart Dough Bowl and Scoop Dough Bowl.

The wood containers are easily cleanable after the candle is gone for an elegant storage container. (Melt any leftover wax in the oven on 150 degrees, carefully wipe out the excess oil with a paper towel).

Every candle is made from soy wax grown here in the United States,  top of the line soy-based fragrances, and an all-natural cotton wick for a longer, cleaner-burning experience. Soy candles produce much less petro-soot than traditional candles made from paraffin. Lower soot levels help maintain pure air quality and reduce home maintenance problems associated with soot deposits. Soy wax has gives the ability to burn clean-burning candles from sustainable sources.

All our candles are hand-poured Millcreek, Utah, and tested to make sure that they are perfect for you.

To properly care for your candle, do the following:

Trim your wick every time you light your candle! We strongly recommend trimming your wick to at least 1/4 inch every single time you light your candle. You can use scissors, clippers, or tissue to pull off the excess wick. No matter what you decide, always trim your wick! This keeps the wick from mushrooming, smoking, and producing soot. It also will give you a more consistent, brighter burn.

 We recommend burning your candle for no longer than 4 hours at a time. Never leave your candle burning unattended.


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